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Destination Management You Can Trust In Latin America

Welcome to ENCOUNTER DMC (Formerly known as CATDMC). We are a cross-continent team who has been living and working in Latin America for many years now. In that time we’ve discovered incredible places, met amazing people and learnt all about the quirks and customs of this unique corner of our planet. Travel is what truly lights us up, and our motivation is to share our passion and the knowledge we’ve gained with you.

Our six local offices in Latin America give us the perfect base to offer your travelers a great experience. Encounter specializes in tailor-made travel itineraries, with a unique touch. Stay in bed & breakfasts, small posadas or unique boutique hotels, we carefully select our accommodation based on your comfort wishes, while ensuring an authentic experience.

We’ve carefully designed all of our trips to bring authentic experiences at the best possible prices. With six on-the-ground offices across Latin America and a dedicated team, your adventures are in safe hands.

We’re excited about how far we’ve come and about sharing our experience with you.


Operating in Latin America


Group & FIT

We tailor every single trip to the needs of your customer, Group Departures & Custom FIT. Whether your customer wants an affordable authentic adventure, active hikes and outdoors, or more exclusive privately guided tours – we can meet both your, and their expectations.

Building Bridges

We believe some of the most important lessons and purposes in life are learned by bridging the gap between cultures. More peace and understanding is found when seeing the world through the looking glass of another person or perspective, offering a better reflection of ourselves in the world.

Local is Key

We’ve spent the last 20 years building relationships with the most reputable guides and local providers across Latin America. We whole-heartedly believe in responsible travel and helping grow small businesses in these local economies, tourism is extremely influential in Latin America.

Peace of Mind

6 regional offices across Latin America means 24/7 on the ground support while your customers are traveling. 20 years of experience has given us the time to know who are the best guides, service providers, and authentic hotels and lodging. Our team is here to back you up.

We are


We have 6 regional offices across Latin America composed of highly dedicated teams of travel professionals from all over the world. From the Netherlands to Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and the US – we’re a diverse bunch and what unites us is our shared philosophy of inspiring people through authentic travel experiences. This philosophy underlies everything we do and can be seen in the relationships we build over time. Most important is how we support each another in teams, serving you the customer, and meeting the expectations of your travelers.


Argentina – Buenos Aires

Av. Santa Fe 1854 1st floor C1123AAN Buenos Aires, Argentina T: +54 11 5352 0090 argentina@encounterlatinamerica.com

Argentina is such a diverse country that it’s hard to know where to begin! From the sun-baked, high-altitude landscapes of the North to the frozen tip of Southern Patagonia, the country’s vast expanse is packed with one jaw-dropping view after another.

Encounter’s second largest operations office is in Argentina. We opened our office in 2004 and have been growing ever since. Our local team of around 20, are experts on all aspects of travel in Argentina and Chile.

Peru – Lima

Av Santa Cruz 1520 Miraflores, 18 Lima, Peru T/ +511 444-1652 / 444-2220 peru@encounterlatinamerica.com

Brightly colored textiles, dancing devils, llamas, pink dolphins, coca leaves, Inca ruins, colonial cities, huge snowcapped mountains, long winding rivers, surf filled beaches and of course the food! And that’s not even close to describing this fascinating country. Peru is the third largest country in South America and one of the most geographically diverse.

Encouter opened its very first office in Lima some sixteen years ago. Owing to the ever-increasing number of visitors traveling to Peru, the company then opened a second office in Cusco. With these two strategically located offices, along with our many years of experience in the country, we have developed a reputation for excellence in Peru. Our Peru office also operates all our tours to Bolivia, where we have close relationships with our local partners.

Montse and maggie

Brazil – Rio

Rua Barão de Lucena, 85A Botafogo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil T/ +55 97 287 4321 brazil@encounterlatinamerica.com

A country the size of a continent, travel to Brazil and you’ll discover a land of diverse cultures and landscapes. With mile upon mile of tropical beaches and the immensity of the Amazon and the Pantanal, Brazil continues to capture the imagination of anyone lucky enough to travel to her breathtaking shores.

Encounter has its office in Rio since 2007, since all our travellers always visit this marvelous city, we decided we could best support them from here.  Fully aware of the economic divide between Brazil and large parts of the rest of the world, a strong focus on price/quality helps us to offer unique and affordable tours for those who want to discover this marvelous country.

Colombia – Bogota

Km 1,5 Via Cota-Chia Palo de Agua, Ayapel 13 Bogota – Colombia T/ +57 1 8985646/ +57 320 9515304 colombia@encounterlatinamerica.com

A new rising star in South America: a country blossoming after a long and difficult period, a country of incredible diversity and charm. Ancient ruins, Caribbean beaches, Amazon jungle; an ever-changing geography framed by the snow-capped peaks of the Andes.

Encounter Colombia was opened in 2011. We have had our eye on Colombia since Bart’s first visit in 1991, so you can say we have been following the possibilities in this country for longer that the actual existence of our company!

Bolivia – Sucre

Barrio Senac Calle Enrique Hertzog 315 Sucre Bolivia T/ +591 71164294 bolivia@encounterlatinamerica.com

Bolivia may be one of the poorest countries in South America, but its cultural wealth, the vastly differing Amazonian and Andean landscapes and the remnants of mysterious ancient civilizations make it an incredibly rich and exciting destination for all adventure lovers. The country’s greatest treasures are the Bolivians themselves. Nearly two thirds of the people are of indigenous origin, preserving the continent’s purest cultural roots, which means a dazzling array of colorful festivals, mysterious rituals, haunting folklore music and magical markets.

The Encounter Costa Rica office was opened in 2018 and is located in Sucre. Having operated Bolivia for over 15 years already and with Bolivia becoming each year a stronger destination for us, we decided it was time to open an proper office.


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