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Why Global Encounters?

Global Encounters was born in Peru way back in 1997, out of a passion for travel. Over the past 20 years we’ve faced and overcome challenges abound, hosted and have had an array of exciting adventures, and most importantly sharpened our understanding of the many facets and cultural borders throughout Latin America. We’ve guided, explored, and experienced the most sought after destinations on this continent, having found the true ‘highlights’ of any travel experience are the encounters that surround, submerge, and immerse you in the culture and living history beating vibrantly at the heart of each country. That chance encounter with a local person inviting you for a cup of coca tea, the breathtaking view while you were sitting on a horseback overlooking the Patagonian Andes, dancing tango at a Milonga in Buenos Aires…

Keep reading to learn more about how we’ve managed adventures throughout the most sought after destinations in Latin America.



Operating in Latin America


in Latin America to serve you

The Global Encounters


Through creating local and authentic travel experiences we help open the eyes of our travelers to the true beauty of Latin America, in doing so we continue to uncover and reveal a very unique perspective on destinations stretching across the continent. Our team, composed of a unique mix of locals and international travel gurus, who live and work from our regional offices throughout South and Central America, build the bridge to more memorable encounters with Latin America. We create truly personalized and unforgettable travel stories with each and every customer.

Take a moment to listen to our story, and give us one to listen to yours, let us capture your imagination and bring it to life.