Adventure Special Interest Events

Encounter Events is not your regular Meetings and Events Planner. We only create, execute and engage in those special interest events that deeply resonate with our own passion: the thrill of discovering Latin America.

In the 20 years of operating and networking in Latin America, we’ve explored all corners of Latin America. We’re a road-tested book of possibilities, a vast network of adventure specialists, and a host of really great ideas for your next unique adventure event.


You imagine the possibilities. We bring them to life.

Our Latest Adventure


Argentina – May 2016

For our latest adventure, we traveled to “Bat Island”, off the Argentina coast. The island is part of Peninsula Valdes national park and has amazing marine life, including bull sharks, turtles, stingrays and large shoals of different species of fish. The island is a bumpy 2-hour boat ride from the coast and besides two park rangers completely deserted. For our group to set up camp there, meant we had to bring everything to the island and make it our home for 3 days. On the island we designed several ‘challenges’: building rafts, transporting water, hunting for the totem, finding fish cards in the ocean etc. After roughing it for 3 days, a big catamaran picked us up from the island for a fun day at sea and getting us back to a very comfortable hotel, very needed shower and some relax time.

7 different, simultaneously executed programs, following the Dakar Rally for 250 people


Lima – 2010

Following their favorite teams up close in individual 4x4 vehicles during the last 5 stages of the rally; flying private helicopters to the final stretch in the Atacama Desert; having mid-rally stops and chats with the drivers and crew of their sponsored trucks; visiting the Dakar Camps at night; buggy-racing and camping in the desert followed by enjoying the finish from privately catered full-service awnings, etc etc. Each group had their specific needs and wants met during this monster rally. The final party with the winning teams on Lima’s Plaza de Armas, was the apotheosis of one of our more memorable events.

Monumental long-distance rally from the Northern Amazon Region in Brazil to Ushuaia, Argentina with 25 convertible sports cars.


Brazil – Argentina – September 2008

Top off at all times! 16,000km straight through the heart of South America; 4 weeks of sometimes harrying road and climatic circumstances, spectacular views, ad hoc miraculous car repairs, and fine dining in some of the region’s most prestigious haciendas. The Cabrio Challenge was probably tougher than most of its participants had ever experienced (we had to say goodbye to 6 cars along the way and of the 19 left only one arrived with minor damages), but it was also an epic road trip, pushing cars, drivers and co-pilots to extremes. A truly amazing journey through some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes South America has to offer. Oh, and so worthy of a sequel!

Panama adventure for 35 IT networkers, featuring treasure hunts, quad rallies and
a ‘smugglers’ game in a secluded coast area


Panama – May 2013

This particularly peculiar group of tech entrepreneurs is looking for a new challenge every year. Our job: find something to do for them as a group that they could not do by themselves, including motorized adventure, adrenaline, crazy stunts and of course helicopters… Panama was a welcoming, generous host for our group, accommodating all of their needs, allowing the participants to cultivate their friendships as well as indulge their highly competitive characters.

Private walking survival expedition into the Brazilian Amazon, for a small group of 6.


Brazil – 2009

Why not: walk, swim, alligator wrestle, overnight in the rain, and eat whatever the jungle has to offer during a 2-week expedition into the heart of the Amazon Jungle. Want to know what this is like? Talk to Gabor, who took it upon him to lead this group through snake-infested lands, sleeping in hammocks between the trees, eating insects, wading for hours through shoulder-deep murky waters, while making some of the most spectacular private footage of the jungle this group had ever expected to come home with. Why? Because it is a fantastic experience, because it is once in a life time, because it is yet another fantastic way to get to know the real Latin America, and yes, because we can.


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